Aircenter for Flow Rates Up to 2.7 m³/min

Space-saving, Efficient Compressed Air Production

No matter whether for a smaller business where space is at a premium, or a larger business requiring a decentralised compressed air supply, Kaeser’s compact Aircenter systems are the perfect choice for an efficient and environmentally friendly source of quality compressed air. With a minimal footprint of approximately 1m², these energy saving systems are available for flow rates from 0.34 to 2.7 m³/min and also provide application-specific compressed air treatment and storage.

All Aircenter models are characterised by their exceptional efficiency. At the heart of the two largest models, the Aircenter 22 (11 kW) and the Aircenter 25 (15 kW), is an optimised SK series rotary screw compressor from Kaeser. With a maximum flow rate of 2.7 m³/min the SK models deliver up to 11 and 14 percent more compressed air, respectively, than their predecessors. This impressive performance boost has been achieved both through airend optimisation and the minimisation of internal pressure losses. In turn, these improvements have led to a reduction in specific power of up to 5 percent. The use of premium efficiency IE3 electrical motors has also contributed to additional energy savings. A further important efficiency-enhancing component is the Sigma Control 2 internal controller: equipped as standard and assuring maximum communication capability, this advanced system not only enables demand-oriented performance matching and dependable monitoring, but – through its numerous interfaces – also ensures even greater flexibility when it comes to connection to the energy-saving Sigma Air Manager 4.0 master control system. The compressed air system can therefore be seamlessly integrated into Industry 4.0 environments since the necessary interfaces for connection to the Kaeser-Sigma Network are provided as standard. The addition of an integrated RFID reader assures service continuity, increases security, and significantly raises service quality.

Moreover, all models share logical and user-friendly design throughout. For example, the left enclosure panel can be removed in a few simple steps and allows excellent visibility of the system’s intelligently laid out components. As one might expect, all service points are easy to access. With the sound-damping enclosure panels in place, the already low operational sound levels from these compressors are reduced to a super-quiet background hum. In addition, the enclosure features four inlet openings for separate airflow cooling of the compressor, the motor, and the switching cabinet and for compressor intake air. Kaeser’s unique cooling system is equipped with a patented premium-efficiency dual-flow fan with separate cooling air flows for the motor and compressor. This not only achieves optimum cooling performance, low compressed air discharge temperatures and minimal sound levels, but also promotes efficient air compression.

The space-saving combination of a compressor, a thermally shielded refrigeration dryer and an underslung 350-l air receiver provides dependable and efficient compressed air production, treatment, and storage within a single unit. As you might expect from a leading compressed air system provider such as Kaeser, these versatile units can also be equipped with air filters as required. The Aircenter 22 and Aircenter 25 are also available with an integrated frequency converter (Sigma Frequency Control – SFC) for applications where speed control is an advantage.

The smaller Aircenter models are based on Kaeser’s SX or SM series rotary screw compressors. Equipped with a 200-l or a 270-l air receiver, these versions cover flow rates from 0.34 to 1.5 m³/min (at 8 bar) and ensure super-quiet, efficient performance. As with the two largest models, 11- and 15-bar versions are available for applications requiring larger volumes of compressed air. Furthermore, the Aircenter 12 can also be equipped with variable speed control.

Users who require not just an efficient compressor, but an all-in-one, compact compressed air system need look no further than an Aircente system from Kaeser. True to Kaeser’s “Plug and Work” maxim, every model is ready for immediate operation once connected to the electrical supply and compressed air distribution network.

Source: Kaeser


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