Bolting Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

As we all know, in the Oil & Gas industry we are using bolts and nuts for a lot of applications. In Drilling Operations, Work Overs, Production, Maintenance and Petroleum Equipment construction.
However, this does not stop at the Oil & Gas market. Wherever we look, plenty of things are being kept in place by bolts and nuts. From truck tires to forklifts, ships to airplanes, windmills to pumps and bridges to buildings.


To ensure the quality of work and safety of the person performing the bolting, as well as anyone encountering any of the bolts, special equipment must be used to torque the bolts in a consistent manner. There is excellent calibrated and certified bolting equipment available on the market to provide safe and accurate bolting. One of the leading manufacturers of bolting equipment is TorcUP. TorcUP’s bolting tools are manufactured in the United States and calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, the industry’s highest standard.


When securing bolts, always keep in mind to:

  • Use calibrated equipment
  • Follow procedures
  • Follow safety standards
  • Use accuracy on the torque
  • Keep Traceability


TorcUP offers a variety of bolting solutions to be able to provide safe bolting. As the official distributor of TorcUP in Romania, Dosco PetroServices is set up to supply, calibrate and repair the complete TorcUP productline, such as:


Hydraulic wrenches & Hydraulic pumps

  • Dependable workhorses, strong enough to conquer demanding applications
  • Ergonomically shaped to handle every socket drive application
  • Comprised of the most superior strength alloys available


Pneumatic wrenches

  • Smooth accuracy combined with rugged durability
  • Precise accuracy created through our surgical like gear production
  • Durability achieved through years of research and development
  • Safe and ergonomic operation with the operator in mind


Electrical wrenches

  • Innovative and durable battery – powered torque wrenches
  • Ergonomically shaped to handle every socket drive application
  • Comprised of the most superior strength alloy available
  • Fully charged in under 60 minutes


Bolt tensioners

  • The most safe and reliable standard flange bolt tensioner
  • Engineered to fit most common API flanges
  • Driven by air or hydraulic pump


If you would like to receive more information or are interested in a live demo, please visit or get in touch with a Dosco representative.

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