Odfjell Technology Provides Tubular Running Services to World’s First Eavor-Loop™ Closed-loop Geothermal System

Odfjell Technology, an integrated supplier of well services technology and engineering solutions, has delivered industry-leading tubular running services to a revolutionary closed-loop geothermal system development.

The company was selected to work with Eavor GmbH – a subsidiary of Canadian energy company Eavor Technologies Inc. – on Eavor-Loop™, which aims to supply the area around Geretsried, Germany, with district heating and electricity within the next four years.

The Odfjell Technology team successfully ran 20,000m of large-size casings ranging from 9-5/8” up to 22” without any lost time incidents on the KCA Deutag T700 and T46 rigs – the two largest land rigs in Europe.

Odfjell Technology’s casing running tool, CRTi, was used to its operating limits and played a crucial role in achieving the casings’ desired depths using its circulating, rotating, push and pull capabilities.

The Eavor-Loop™ operates via benign working fluid circulating within an industrial-sized underground heat exchanger. The project involves drilling 12 horizontal laterals spanning approximately 3,200m each, totalling 76km, and does not require a pumping system.

“Geothermal energy accounted for only 2.8% of the renewable energy sources used for the production of primary energy in the EU in 2021 and made up only 0.5% of the global renewable electricity market in 2022. This proves there is a significant opportunity for projects like Eavor’s closed-loop geothermal system to harness the potential for safe and secure geothermal energy,” said Elisabeth Haram, EVP Well Services at Odfjell Technology. “Odfjell Technology is proud to play a crucial role in progressing geothermal in the global energy mix through our industry-leading tubular running services.”

“We are proud to be building the world’s first Eavor-Loop™ closed-loop geothermal system in Geretsried. This truly innovative and game changing project enhances the application of geothermal energy in real terms within the wider energy sector,” said Daniel Mölk, Execute Vice President Europe Operations at Eavor. “We appreciated the cooperation with Odfjell Technology in this specific part of the project very much.”

An Eavor-Loop™ is the connection of two vertical wells with many horizontal multilateral wellbores creating a closed sealed radiator-like system. Eavor’s proprietary working fluid is not from a reservoir, it is selected and added at surface, then circulated to harvest heat from deep in the Earth to be used to generate electricity or in commercial heating/cooling applications.

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