CamClose: New Generation Panel Air Filter for Turbomachinery

Camfil Power Systems, the industry expert in clean air solutions for gas turbines and other turbomachinery, has released its new generation CamClose product. The CamClose is a panel air filter, designed to extend the service life of the final filter. Adding the CamClose pre-filter in front of a final filter further improves overall filtration efficiency.

The CamClose has best-in-class water handling properties, a user-friendly design and robust construction. These features make it an excellent pre-filter for most turbomachinery and gas turbine applications. It is especially suitable for humid conditions such as tropical and coastal installations.

“The new features of the CamClose pre-filter will simplify the installation process, improve filtration performance, and offer excellent protection in wet environments,” Gautam Marwaha, Product Manager, said.


New features

  • Patented built-in pressure drop port helps to accurately monitor filter pressure drop across each filter stage separately, enabling the operator to better plan for filter replacement.
  • Strong built-in plastic clips allow for an easy close coupling to the final filter, without any additional hardware.
  • High burst strength > 6250 Pa (25” w.g.) and robust frame maintains filter integrity in challenging environments
  • Lowest pressure drop in the G4 panel filter class
  • Optimal and proper sealing gives best-in-class water and contaminant handling, as well as a low and stable pressure drop
  • Advanced media offers low pressure drop, long life and good water handling
  • Non-charged, high mechanical efficiency ensures gas turbine filters maintain their efficiency class in high velocity applications.
  • The new generation includes three efficiency classes and have been tested to the latest industry standards per EN779:2012 and ISO 16890: 2016.


New and improved CamClose filter features

The CamClose panel air filter is available in three efficiency classes:

  • G4 (ePM Coarse 60%)
  • M5 (ePM10 65%)
  • M6 (ePM2.5 50%)

Pre-filters are used as a first line of defense against the elements. As such, they have an important impact on the overall performance of a filtration system. Since gas turbines require a higher level of protection compared to other applications, the right pre-filter becomes even more important.

The right pre-filter can extend the life of your final filters and improve your overall filtration efficiency. This allows you to remain online for a longer period and improves your availability and reliability.


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