Why Safe Bolting Should Be Top Priority

“Do it right the first time” and “safety matters!” We have all heard these sayings. Doing it safely the first time most certainly means using the correct tool for the job. In the case of critical bolting applications, safety and accuracy are always paramount. The best way to ensure the safety of the person performing the bolting, as well as anyone encountering the finished product, is to ensure the work is being done by calibrated and certified bolting equipment. TorcUP has been providing the safest and most accurate bolting tools since 1996. All TorcUP Bolting Tools care calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, the industry’s highest standard.

In the second half of 2019 Dosco PetroServices started a partnership with TorcUP to bring the safest and most accurate way of bolting to the Oil & Gas industry in Romania. “Our partnership with TorcUP is one we value dearly, because safety has been a top priority of Dosco since its start over 25 years ago. Being able to supply a safe, reliable and faster way of bolting to our customers is something we are very excited about,” says Ralph Morees, Business Development Manager at Dosco.

Incorrect and insufficient tightening is one of the most frequent causes of joint failure. It is also a frequent cause of bolt fatigue failure. Bolting operations are never as easy or simple as just tightening things until they are ‘tight’. It is very important to pay particular attention to the choice of the tightening tool, the necessary torque and the process of controlled bolting.

Aspects of Controlled Bolting


  • Safety – Controlled bolting replaces previous methods of bolting, such as impact wrenches, slugging wrenches and cheater bars, which utilize the weight of the operator to apply more force. With the use of hydraulic, pneumatic and battery-operated torque wrenches, no human force is required. Through the use of hydraulic pressure or gear multiplication, an operator can achieve high torque values with minimal human interaction.


  • Accuracy – Controlled bolting ensures correct tightening of the joint, by putting forth a particular specified torque value. Torque is increased or decreased incrementally to exacting standards. This saves time and resources, and prevents future breakdowns, thereby decreasing operational downtimes.


  • Repeatability – Controlled bolting provides accurate torque on each fastener consistently and evenly, ensuring that all bolts are loaded equally. In the case of a gasketed flange, if even load is not applied to each and every fastener, the flange will leak.

Controlled bolting creates safe, accurate and repeatable results. TorcUP Bolting Tools are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and accuracy, exceeding the greatest demands in the industry. When bolting, there are numerous variables that can come into to play and affect proper bolt load. Using TorcUP Bolting Tools eliminates major variables and minimizes smaller variables that come into play when bolting.


TorcUP Productline

The TorcUP productline consists of Hydraulic wrenches, Pneumatic wrenches, Electric wrenches, Hydraulic pumps, Bolt tensioners and complementary products.
If you would like more information or are interested in a demo. Please get in touch with Dosco PetroServices.

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