Ralph Morees Shares Dosco PetroServices’ Rules for Building an Enduring Business

Dosco PetroServices has more than 28 years’ experience of providing its customers with rentals, services and supplies within the Oil & Gas industry. The company offers services for drilling of exploration and development wells, production tests, workover jobs and environment protection for On- & Offshore. Dosco can also offer high qualified personnel within the industry and all the related fields of activity.

Ralph Morees, Business Development Manager, talks with us about the company’s emergence, services provided for the Oil & Gas Industry, and plans for the future.


Ralph Morees is Business Development Manager at Dosco PetroServices Romania, a position he has held since 2014.

Before his current position, Ralph Morees was the IOT Middle East’s Operation Manager based in Dubai, U.A.E.

Previous to that (November 2008 – October 2010), he worked within PCE Division/COR International (Dubai, U.A.E.).

Between November 2007 – August 2008, he acted as Sales Executive for T.A.G. (The Acquisition Group) (Vancouver, Canada).

Previously, from May 2007 to October 2007, he held the position of Customer Service Executive for Best Western in Vancouver, Canada.

Between October 2006 – April 2007, he worked for Cypress Mountain Resort (Vancouver, Canada) as Rental Shop Technician.


Dear Mr. Morees, how would you describe your company in a few words? How did it all begin?

Ralph Morees: Dosco is a privately-owned Rental & Service Company within the Oil & Gas Industry founded in Holland by my father, John Morees. It all started for us in Holland in 1992 after A1 Homco (Dads employer at the time) was taken over by a Multinational Service company and we had the believe of doing things different/better.

5 years later the operations were expanded into Romania where we founded Dosco PetroServices Romania together with our local partner Mr. Vitalian Danciu. This was due to the high need of (unavailable) quality equipment on the Romanian market.

For me personally growing up in the family business (together with my younger brother) meant as teenagers we were able to help out and make some pocket money during our school holidays.

Since we were no fulltime employees, we were by default always given the ‘nice’ jobs. Meaning we were cleaning the yard, cleaning returned equipment and painting all freshly serviced tools. Eventually, when getting older, we were given some more challenging tasks like redressing and repairs in order to learn more about the tools and the business.


What does Dosco’s offer for the Oil & Gas industry include more specifically?

Ralph Morees: Dosco is a Rental & Service Company with several product-lines that we are specialized in. We are always looking for new technology and new applications to improve results or processes.

I don’t like to pick out just one product or product-line, as our biggest asset is our commitment towards helping our customers effective and efficiently.

These can be simple requests like supplying bolts and nuts, but also more challenging request like complete solutions for a complex fishing Job.

We always do our outmost best to solve any requirement or complication and if we don’t have a solution internally, we have a large network of close partners who are able to help us find the best solution possible.


You’ve been involved in the oil & gas industry in Romania and abroad for quite some time. How do you see the Romanian and regional O&G markets?

Ralph Morees: Unfortunately, at this moment it is very difficult to answer what the market will do, taking into consideration the very low oil price and the global spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We do believe that the Romanian and the Regional O&G markets are going to remain very important for the Region in order to be more independent and self-sufficient.

Depending less on the big players currently dominating the Markets.


What are your current job responsibilities and the main goals to pursue business development?

Ralph Morees: As a Business Development Manager my main responsibility is to find the best opportunities in order to develop organic growth of the company while ensuring that our existing clients are happy with our products, expertise and services.

This can only be achieved by having strong worldwide partnerships with companies offering the highest quality equipment/products.

© Photo: Justin Iancu / Energy Industry Review


What keeps you focused?

Ralph Morees: Providing top quality services together with the best quality equipment is our main aim and from there we analyse which direction we take to improve customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, the market can change rapidly and we are always looking at ways to adapt and expand our portfolio to our customers’ needs and requirements.


What do you consider to be the major stimulators in the current oilfield services market?

Unfortunately, today it is very difficult to highlight a major stimulator for our market as currently we are setting sail towards a new economic matrix, having the Covid-19 pandemic together with a massive fall of the oil price.


What about the impediments hampering growth?

Ralph Morees: Regarding the hampering of growth, we are all under a massive uncertainty, not knowing where we will all stand economically once this Pandemic is over and normal life as we know it can resume.

Having overcome several crisis’ before, we are positive and confident that we will endure these hard times and come out even stronger.


Attracting new committed partners often requires an innovative business development strategy. Which are Dosco’s programs with regard to this issue?

Ralph Morees: Of course, any new committed partner requires a development strategy that is adapted to give us and our partners the best results.

We always strive to properly analyse and adapt our strategy for the business at hand.

Recently we have been working on several new projects that required investments in new professional tools, training our employees abroad, building new facilities, implementing and applying new safety procedures.


What is the most important rule for building an enduring business?

Ralph Morees: There is not just one important rule for building an enduring business.

If I have to highlight one in particular, then this would be ‘Honesty’ as this brings the business ethics to the highest level.

Besides honesty you can’t succeed without trust, reliability, accuracy, professionalism and getting the work done at the highest quality level possible.


How was 2019 in terms of financial results, investments, contract opportunities and what are your expectations for 2020?

Ralph Morees: The year 2019 was a good year in terms of financial results and being able to make several new investments.

We have invested in new facilities, stock of new tools and probably the most remarkable investment we made was the installation of a Solar System on the newly build facilities. This gives us the opportunity to be self-sufficient and generate green electric power for our complete operations base in Floresti, Prahova.

For 2020 it is very difficult to have any expectations or to make any predictions.

At the moment we plan to continue with further development of our operations base as well as investments in newly identified opportunities.


What will be the greatest challenge facing the oil and gas industry in the coming months?

Ralph Morees: The greatest challenge we are all facing, not just the Oil & Gas Industry, is how to deal with the current Covid-19 Virus pandemic and how it will affect markets worldwide.

Of course, the price drop for Oil is having a negative impact on investments that will be done by the Oil Companies.

In order to be less dependent on these fluctuations, a long-term production strategy has to be implemented and maintained by all major players in the Oil & Gas Industry.


How do you assess Dosco’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment?

Ralph Morees: We believe being a privately-owned family business to be an advantage.

We have short communication lines and a team of highly motivated employees, which gives us the capability to make quick decisions when dealing with a rapidly changing environment.


What qualities do you look for in your employees or colleagues?

Ralph Morees: We are very aware that running a successful business is very dependent on who you are and who is on your team.

We value honesty and team players. We select people who are of course experts on the subject, but also know how to work with others. We try to create an environment where knowledge is shared instead of being kept for yourself.


© Photo: Justin Iancu / Energy Industry Review


What is the impact of teamwork on employees’ work performance?

Ralph Morees: By helping others, they in return will help you when you need it. This creates bonding experiences and a foundation for a strong team that is able to face any challenge that is thrown at them.

Simply said: People work better when they work together.


What would be the top three priorities for Dosco during the coming period? What are your plans for the future?

Ralph Morees: At this moment we have only one (1) Top priority and that is the health and safety of all our employees facing this Pandemic.

In regards of plans for the future we continue to train our people, improve our facilities, and look for new opportunities.

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