Lukoil to allocate USD 50,000 for community projects

Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIPH) on April 2nd hosted the public dialogue event organized by Petrotel-Lukoil refinery, whereby Vladimir Gherasimov – Head of Regional Policy Division, Lukoil – presented the social responsibility actions, as well as its plans for the future. The company’s representatives have proposed to have regular meetings with community representatives to find out from them what are the projects of major interest in which the refinery might get involved, being the third action of this kind.

“Petrotel-Lukoil is a constant presence in the tops of the most prestigious companies in the county, which is confirmed by both awards received over time at the Gala of Prahova Top Companies and nationally. The company, an extremely important member of Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is also a major player in the local economy, being the second in Prahova in terms of turnover. Petrotel-Lukoil, which this year celebrates 115 years, supports financially several organizations, as well as local public authorities, medical centres or cultural institutions,” CCIPH President Aurelian Gogulescu mentioned.

“This is a program that has been implemented so far only at the refinery in Perm, where the current CEO of Petrotel-Lukoil – Alexey Kovalenko – was in charge. The program was initiated in 2005 and it takes place annually since then. Following this program, over 2,000 jobs were created. Now we want to implement it in other refineries of Lukoil Group. It is a program of sustainable development of cities, in line with the global pact of the UN and has an echo at educational, environmental and labour, managerial, human capital and energy efficiency level. NGOs, museums, schools, universities, but not companies can apply within the program. The total fund of this program in Romania is USD 50,000 and will be managed by Petrotel-Lukoil and Lukoil Romania,” Vladimir Gherasimov mentioned.

The company will soon announce the modality of accessing the information regarding the social projects’ competition. Recording and selection of projects will take place during May – July, while winners will be announced during August – September. In Prahova County the program will be managed by Petrotel-Lukoil and in Bucharest and other cities in the country – by Lukoil Romania.

Also attending the public dialogue were directors of schools and high schools in Ploiesti, Petroleum-Gas University, representatives of associations and NGOs, partners of projects financed by the refinery, Prahova Environmental Protection Agency, as well as several representatives of local administration, civil society and press.

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