Nearthlab and Eurus Technical Service to Revamp Wind O & M Across Japan

Nearthlab, a leading provider of autonomous drone technology, announced that the wholesale deployment of its plug-and-play solution NearthWIND Mobile is underway across wind farms managed by Eurus Technical Service, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation.

“Eurus Technical Service has long been at the forefront of catapulting Japan into the global stage as a renewable energy powerhouse,” said Jay Choi, co-founder and CEO. “Winning their trust and, more importantly, drawing out repeated interest in exploring different services we offer has been a true joy.”

As a testament, nearly half of the inspections were carried out using off-the-shelf drones with newly trained staff members from Eurus Energy in charge, while licensed pilots from Nearthlab’s own network handled the rest.

With projects with other high-profile customers in the pipeline, Nearthlab is gearing up to further expand its regional footprint in the coming weeks.


About Nearthlab

Nearthlab is an AI-powered autonomous inspection platform for infrastructure inspection facilities. Since its launch in 2015, the company has helped wind farms around the world automate and optimize blade inspections.

Nearthlab leverages cutting-edge technologies to bypass inefficiencies at inspection sites and streamline the digital transformation of industrial asset management. With extensive experience in blade inspections, Nearthlab’s autonomous drone takes no more than fifteen minutes to carry out an out-and-out inspection.

The data collected from the inspection is uploaded onto Zoomable – Nearthlab’s cloud-based analytics platform – to be remodelled into jewels of insights needed to optimize O & M procedures.

Leading energy corporations have selected Nearthlab as their autonomous drone solution provider. Make inspection easy with drone-driven data.


About Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation

Eurus Energy is a global company that has been consistently engaged in renewable energy power generation projects around the world for more than 30 years since it started its wind power generation business in California in 1987. It is also a leading company in the wind power generation industry in Japan, and currently operates wind and solar power generation businesses in 15 countries and regions around the world, with an installed capacity of 3,431 MW of power plants in operation.


About Eurus Technical Service Corporation

Eurus Technical Service Corporation was established in September 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, which boasts the top share of wind power generation within in Japan of any company. As the operation and maintenance management company for Eurus Energy Group’s global wind and solar development business, Eurus Technical Service Corporation plays a key role in supporting safe and secure development of clean energy businesses developed together with regional stakeholders throughout Japan.

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