New inVision™ Mobile App to Improve Frac Safety and Reliability

Intelligent Wellhead Systems (IWS), a leading supplier of digital control technologies that improve oil and gas well completion operations, announced the introduction of the inVision™ Mobile App, pioneering technology that provides current users of the IWS inVision Technology Platform with instant access to key wellsite operational data. It is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of digital technologies for completion operations, further enhancing safety and reliability.


Incident-free performance in the field sets stage for new Mobile App

To date, inVision completion technology has delivered more than 95,000 stages without a single wireline or pressure control incident while utilizing the IWS system. This incident-free safety and reliability track record continues to encourage oil and gas operators to adopt a digital infrastructure to improve wireline and hydraulic fracturing operations.

“Developing the inVision Mobile App represents the next step in our efforts to encourage operators to embrace a digital infrastructure,” said Bill Henn, Vice-President of Business Development for IWS. “By giving operators even greater, easier access to operational data at the wellsite, they can respond immediately to changing conditions, helping to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve uptime while on-the-go.”


Comprehensive access to operational data from anywhere, any time

With inVision Mobile, users can now view a wide range of key data from a cell phone or tablet. They can inspect pad progress and current well activity, a live frac tree and live valve positions. When running frac and wireline data through IWS safety and efficiency controls, users can analyze frac and wireline plots remotely, as well as a pre-set frac and wireline plots with the most pertinent data. Plus, they can select and de-select additional channels on the plot through the plot data configuration option. Data channels can also be turned on and off from the plot views. Finally, users can request invaluable assistance via the direct chat window to the IWS ROC Support Center, which is manned around-the-clock.

Looking ahead, IWS is firmly committed to providing operators with a virtual window into all wellsite operations. The inVision Mobile is a tool that is set to play a critical role in making that a reality.


About Intelligent Wellhead Systems

The InVision™ platform for Completion operations from Intelligent Wellhead Systems improves wellsite safety and efficiency with Wellsite Instrumentation, Digital Valve Controls, and Remote Monitoring solutions. Utilizing its customer’s standard operating procedures, IWS creates a Digital Handshake™ to minimize human errors during operations activities.

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