Ganzair Compressortechnics: Long History, Still Permanent Revival

The many years of experience of the long-lived Ganzair Compressortechnics LLC is combined with constant renewal and development.

Small history picture

The brand name of GANZ has become one of the most significant trademarks of the Hungarian industry. Since the foundation in 1849, GANZ companies have been manufacturing compressors, pumps, turbines, locomotives, trams, trolleybuses, bridges, cranes, ships, transformers, motors and a wide range of other machinery products for decades.

Being consistent with historic traditions and facing new challenges at the same time, Ganzair Compressortechnics LLC was founded in 1990 in order to specialise in compressor technology. The company is a management owned business.

In 2005 the company introduced diesel and gas engine powered generating sets for continuous and stand-by power generation in island or grid synchronous operation.

The current ownership structure was established in 2016 and Oliver Gidai become the CEO.


Pillars of Ganzair LLC

Compressors for compressing air, industrial gas, natural gas, gas treatment, storage equipment, as well as power generator design, production, installation and servicing of these systems for business customers – these are the main profile of Ganzair.

As a brand-independent supplier, the company covers the entire value chain of survey, consulting, design, development, assembly, installation, maintenance, parts supply, service and renovation. It’s energy and cost-effective system solutions for customer demand provide the best-fitting service combination.

The satisfaction of international and Hungarian partners has been proving to them for 30 years now that their innovative engineering developments with high technical added value effectively contribute to their business performance.


Huge experience in the gas compressor division

The company has decades of experience in development and production of gas compressors in the oil and gas industry.
Ganzair LLC is the leader manufacturer of special gas boosting equipment in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East region and CIS countries.

The members of the company are always looking for opportunities around the world so that their unique products can be delivered into many different areas of the oil and gas industries. For the manufacturing of gas compressors, the main aspect has always been to adjust to the unique market demands, project-specific design and manufacture, that is primarily to offer solutions on a competitive price. For the demand of wide range of power (4kW – 5MW), Ganzair has appropriate production capability for manufacturing and installation of this equipment.

In the past few years, the gas compressor equipment sales have expanded, mainly in the eastern region as Serbia and Russia, where more natural gas booster units were delivered.


Entering the hydrogen economy

Relying on the experience in oil and gas industry, supporting the strengthening of green economy, the company offers a complex hydrogen producing, operating and compression systems.

Based on the company’s experience, Ganzair is capable of introducing and producing hydrogen energy systems with product and service diversification. It can ensure the system from producing hydrogen to the point of use independently. As a result, the company’s goal is to add hydrogen producing electrolysing equipment to its portfolio. With this step, Ganzair is capable of covering the whole hydrogen value chain from production to gas storage, from charging fuel cell vehicles to industrial usage. The company is a member of the National Hydrogen Technology Platform.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier has significant potential for the system-wide management of renewable energies, temporary energy storage and the gradual introduction of carbon-neutral energy technology.

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