How to Secure Top Quality Assembly of Wind Energy Mills?

Take the Smart Factory Solutions to the Field

The energy industry is becoming more global and more competitive every day. Larger bolts, in more extreme environments and with longer product life cycles means there is a need for new bolting solutions that support the goal of maintenance free bolted assembly.

To address these demands, the implementation of smart factory technology in the field based environment is a critical path to take that will ensure the best quality products are manufactured, installed and operated for the full product life cycle with reductions in both risk and cost.

If the process control and documentation capability used in production facilities today were to be deployed in the operations and maintenance environment, this would have significant positive impact for OEM’s, contractors in the energy industry as a whole relating to higher quality delivered work, cost reduction, and improved operational efficiency.

This was not possible in the past, however the new availability of mobile connectivity, cloud and smart devices are enablers that make this very much a reality today. The availability of these solutions now makes it possible to take the “smart factory” into the field based, operational, work environment.

In order to have a truly connected and efficient system it is critical that all bolting technologies (hydraulic torque, bolt tensioning, continuous rotation) have one common user interface, both for operational process control and analysis and traceability of data. This is what we call Smart Connected Bolting by Atlas Copco.

The energy sector is undergoing huge change. Not only is there a transition from fossil fuel sources to clean renewable sources, but all energy sector operations need to increase productivity and reduced costs to remain competitive. This is driving demand for smart bolting solutions that can increase operational efficiency in areas such as faster process times, less bolted joint failures, and optimized service costs. Here at Atlas Copco, we are developing innovative new solutions that are enabling Industry 4.0 to be applied not only in the factory, but also in the field.


Solutions for ever changing challenges

SP1500 Smart Hydraulic Pump

is an electric high flow gear pump and with the high flow intensifier provides a uniform and extremely high speed. Where other pumps get slow on multiple tensioning specially at high pressures, this pump works up to 30% faster. Alerts on LCD screen for no oil, voltage fluctuations or unusually high temperature helps you to act and prevent damage and disturb your work.

SP1500 Smart Hydraulic Pump | © Photo: Atlas Copco

Hight torque smart battery nutrunner SRBHA

The SRB HA is the worlds’ most productive battery nutrunner, with features added to make it quicker, safer, and smarter than its competitors. Integrated torque and angle transducers secure that all tightenings are done correctly and all data is recorded, while operator feedback on the tool reduces mistakes at source. The nutrunner is also equipped with a dual trigger to minimize the risk of injury, the only one of its kind on the market.

SRBHA | © Photo: Atlas Copco

Electric Nutrunner REVO HA

REVO high access electric nutrunner is the faster high torque tool on the market, which helps to improve the productivity. This first ever swivelling transducerized tool in this segment with PF XC controller brings full process traceability, angle control and monitoring to assure perfect joint quality. It is designed to offer best power to weight ratio and provide many safety features to protect operators from injuries.


Airbac Bolt electric tensioner

is our patented worlds’ fastest auto retract bolt tensioner, which generates significant cost savings in operations. Airbac technology results in retraction speeds up to 4.5 times faster than conventional spring return tensioners.

This technology removes the need for manual return of the piston, therefore reducing operator effort and reducing the risk of injury.


More information about Bolting and Smart Bolting solutions for wind energy sector.

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