Remote Wire Rope Inspection

Wire Rope Bench with MRT

In 2019, Dosco partnered with Anthis, an NDT Inspection Company based in Italy, to develop a new technology that makes remote and digital wire rope inspection possible. A much more reliable and effective way than the visual inspection that is still the current standard while saving cost, time, and optimization of inspection criteria in environments with critical liftings.


Visual wire inspection only looks at the outside of wire rope, having a look at the inside is of course impossible without the use of technology. That leaves a lot of room for errors.


Test bench for lifting ropes

The Test Bench for Lifting ropes was created to change the way lifting accessories are being inspected. The systems is able to be deployed remotely or in conventional mode (operator assisted) and is modular, easy to mount and it guarantees fast and precise wire rope analysis.

© Photo: Dosco

Inspection with MRT
The standard ISO 4309:2017 established the general principles for the care and maintenance, inspection and discard of steel wire ropes used on cranes and hoists. Although Wire rope slings do not belong to any of the categories where the Standard applies, we believe that any wire rope used in the lifting sector should be analysed and inspected with MRT technology to guarantee safety while lifting.


The wire rope bench reduces inspection time by 33%, with consequent inspection cost.

© Photo: Dosco

e-LIM & s-LIM Technology

Dosco and Anthis have developed e-LIM (electric Line Integrity Monitor) and s-LIM (slick line Integrity Monitor) to be able to inspect electric lines and slick lines. The Wire Rope test bench for inspection of lifting ropes is equipped with that same state-of-the-art equipment. Unique in its kind and the first ever in the panorama of inspection of lifting accessories.


Wire line failures are classified either mechanical or electrical, while slick line failures are only mechanical. The mechanical ones can now be detected with e-LIM and s-LIM to avoid unnecessary downhole problems or to determine the reason of failure.


If you would like to receive more information about the Wire Rope Bench, e-LIM, or s-LIM technology, please get in touch with a Dosco representative.

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