Unique Turnkey Support for Crane Applications

CP Automation Launches Dedicated Cranes and Power Transmission Service

Automation and power quality specialist CP Automation has launched a dedicated crane and power transmission department to complement its growing range of product and engineered solutions.

Headed by business development manager Andy Swann, the department’s team can meet the needs of a unique and varied crane market by supporting with projects such as overhauls and upgrades. Traditionally, getting the necessary support meant working with multiple partners, but with the new turnkey offering, customers can get everything from one supplier.

Although its business is predominantly focussed on applications in drives, automation, and power quality, for years CP Automation has offered a limited range of products for crane and power transmission projects. These include radio remote controls, variable speed drives (VSDs) and collision avoidance systems.

Following last year’s acquisition of Magnetek’s UK elevator business, CP Automation realised the benefits of also offering a dedicated support service for crane applications. Both existing and potential customers can now reach out to Andy Swann and his team, who provide onsite support and recommend solutions based on application needs. Since launching the team, CP Automation has already scaled its crane and power transmission clientele significantly ― working with the likes of Tata Steel, Liberty Steel and Michelin.

“I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and, in my experience, customers often need to go to multiple suppliers for various components. They could end up placing between five and ten purchase orders,” explained Andy Swann, Business Development Manager at CP Automation. “We’re not linked to any one manufacturer and, using our extensive network of suppliers, we can give customers the exact product they need.

“As well as off-the-shelf- products like the VSDs and wire pendants, we also offer engineered product solutions for older cranes where we go out, measure up, respecify and offer a bespoke solution. We recently worked on some Matterson cranes from the 1960s and were able to redesign them so they could run on VSDs, meaning they could all run at the same speeds and transport heavy loads,” concluded Swann.

“Every crane or power transmission project is unique, and establishing a dedicated new department was the obvious step forward,” added John Mitchell, CP Automation’s global sales and marketing director. “It shows how we are continuing to expand and adapt as a business, so we can meet the needs an ever-changing industry. I’m excited for what the future holds as we continue to take on more projects in this area.”

In the short time since establishing the new department, CP Automation has also added Applications Engineer Ian Knight to the team, as well as staff to process orders and to work in its warehouse. In addition to cranes, CP Automation has also expanded its power transmission reach, becoming the exclusive partner for Italian machine designer and manufacturer Re S.p.a, supporting with tension control on much of its equipment.


About CP Automation

CP Automation is a specialist in the repair and replacement of automation equipment including electronic boards, PLCs and Ac and DC drives. It was established to provide an independent maintenance service, without exclusive ties to any manufacturer. However, it does have strong relationships with the principal inverter, encoder, resistors, and motor manufacturers.

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