Energy Efficiency Calculator for Household Energy Consumers in Romania

Household energy consumers now have at their disposal the Energy Efficiency Calculator, a unique tool in the Romanian market, created within the Efficient Romania program, carried out by Energy Policy Group, and sponsored by OMV Petrom. The new online tool helps household consumers calculate in three simple steps the average energy consumption for heating, hot water production and cooking, and also discover the approximate values of savings they could obtain in energy bills by thermal rehabilitation of the house.

The Energy Efficiency Calculator can be used by all household consumers in Romania, irrespective of the geographical area they live in or the type of home (single-family house or flat).

This tool created within the Efficient Romania project is conceived to be easy to use and understand by users. After going through three easy steps – choosing the location, describing the house and type of consumers – the user can see the average values of the annual energy, the estimated related expenses and environmental impact generated by this consumption, respectively the annual quantity of carbon dioxide emissions.

At the same time, the household consumer will find out how heat losses are distributed in the house – through walls, windows, floor, and roof. If the house is not rehabilitated, the Calculator also shows the energy savings that can be obtained after the thermal rehabilitation of the house, as well as how the carbon footprint decreases.

Radu Dudau, Energy Policy Group | © Photo: Justin Iancu / Energy Industry Review

“The Energy Efficiency Calculator was created within the Efficient Romania program as an element of our public awareness campaign on benefits of energy efficiency. It is an intuitive online tool, easy to use, through which any user, after providing several main information about the place of residence and the type of home can immediately obtain some estimated data about energy savings that can be obtained by very simple measures,” said Radu Dudau, director of Energy Policy Group and coordinator of the Efficient Romania project.

Christina Verchere, OMV Petrom | © Photo: OMV Petrom

“Education and access to information, such as that one can obtain through the application launched today, help us adopt a more energy responsible behaviour. Energy efficiency of buildings is a mandatory step to fight climate change, in conditions in which buildings and the construction sector have a share of almost one third in the final energy consumption and about 40% of direct and indirect emissions, at global level. These are measures each one of us can adopt, in our own homes, to contribute to reducing energy consumption,” said OMV Petrom CEO Christina Verchere.

For an efficient consumption of energy resources, beyond house rehabilitation, a very important component, often neglected, is that related to consumption habits. Therefore, also within this calculator, users will find useful advice to reduce energy waste.

The new tool can be accessed at

Given that we spend about 90% of our time within buildings, our health and wellbeing are strongly influenced by the quality of the environment. Therefore, beyond savings in energy bills, renovation of buildings – which means not only enveloping, but also upgrading the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting systems etc. – also brings numerous benefits in terms of occupants’ health. Also, measures of increasing the energy performance help reduce the impact of buildings on the environment, given that climate change has become a major threat globally.


About Efficient Romania

Efficient Romania is a private project, of national public interest, carried out by Energy Policy Group (EPG) in partnership with and with financing from OMV Petrom. The project started in the summer of 2019 and consists of carrying out a national program for the promotion of energy efficiency, until 2022. Efficient Romania aims to support achieving Romania’s targets for 2030 in terms of reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency, both through information and education campaigns, and by carrying out concrete major renovation projects in public schools in different regions of the country.

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