All you need to know to become a prosumer

The Prosumer’s Guide, an energiaTa initiative with Engie Romania’s support, is now available online, providing all stakeholders with useful information on how to become a prosumer (energy producer and consumer), on energiaTa and websites.

As of January 1, 2019, Romanians can produce and inject into the grid energy produced by sun and captured by means of a photovoltaic panels system. It turns energy produced by the sun into electricity needed to cover own consumption, and the energy surplus produced can be sold to one of the accredited electricity suppliers, at a price of RON 0.223/kWh.

The advantages of solar energy production are multiple, both in view of non-polluting environmental impact and savings in electricity bills. Thus, throughout the amortization of the initial investment, estimated at approximately 7 years, savings in electricity bills are significant, and at the end of this period energy production costs are eliminated, the prosumer being even in the situation of getting money for the electricity surplus produced and injected into the grid. Moreover, the installation of photovoltaic panels also contributes to the increase of the market value of the building where they were installed. Solar energy is also a very good solution for the quick connection of remote buildings.

To stimulate the development of photovoltaic panels, in the following period, the Environment Fund Administration (AFM) will grant financing incentives to beneficiaries, within the limit of RON 20,000 and, respectively, RON 25,000 in the case of remove homes. Eligible expenses to benefit from financing are the purchase of panels, the inverter, connection materials, the system installation structure and the power board, the communication module and the smart meter.

To be able to access financing from AFM, applicants may resort to the services of an approved installer in the county of origin, and the analysis committee within the institution will publish the list of approved projects. Applicants have 90 days available to obtain the construction permit and can implement the project within 8 months.

Launching the Prosumer’s Guide took place on May 24, 2019, within an event attended by 100 prosumers, installers, equipment providers, energy distributors and authorities. The step is part of the energiaTa program, an educational and awareness program launched three years ago, with the goal of facilitating the creation of a community of prosumers in Romania. energiaTa currently has over 5,000 members across the country.

“After 3 years of efforts with energiaTa, as of January 1, 2019 Romanians can finally sell solar energy into the grid, and our initial mission has been accomplished. Our goal now is the first million of prosumers, and to accelerate transition to an economy based on clean energy, we have drawn up the Prosumer’s Guide, which helps Romanians understand what solar energy is, what solar panels do, what is the procedure to become a prosumer, what they need to pay attention to before purchase and after, during the operation period,” said Mihai Toader-Pasti, co-founder of energiaTa and Guide Coordinator.

“One thing is certain: the way we produce and consume energy is in constant change. More and more consumers will choose energy autonomy and so will become producers. Engie has integrated this direction in its strategy. Thus, we are glad to support efforts to raise awareness of the multiple, economic and environmental benefits of green energy solutions,” said Eric Stab, President and CEO of Engie Romania.

“Romania is paving the way for decentralized production of energy by households. At the initiative of the passionate youngsters of the NGO EFDEN, who already achieved outstanding results at the International Solar Decathlon, I was delighted to take part in the launch, on behalf of Engie, of Romania’s most helpful prosumers’ guide. The interest for rooftop PV is significant and Romania’s energy future is green!” Eric Stab added.

“Responses to the crisis on energy security, climate change and social inequality will come from the technological revolution and digital revolution. Prosumers are a necessity in this transition to renewable electricity,” said Iulian Iancu, President of the Committee for Industries and Services.

“There are currently about 70 prosumers connected with as many sale-purchase contracts,” said Gabriela Munteanu – Head of the Technical Regulations Service, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

“I can say that there are about 270 installers at national level who can implement the photovoltaic panels program. An internal procedure will follow, between AFM and the Ministry of Development, which is currently uncompleted. Later, we will be able to outline the deadlines for starting the program and present a timetable. Currently we are unable to announce exact deadlines,” said Cornel Brezuica, President of AFM, on the date of launching the guide.

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