DTEK and 482.solutions MoC on Blockchain Technology

DTEK signed a memorandum of cooperation (MoC) with 482.solutions. It is a strategic partnership in the field of Blockchain technology. The corresponding document was signed by DTEK Chief Innovation Officer Emanuele Volpe and 482.solutions Chief Financial Officer Ivan Balashov.

“Together with 482.solutions, we started working on a pilot project – creation of a platform for managing guarantees of origin of renewable energy based on Blockchain technology. With the help of this technology, users of the power system will be able to verify the origin of electricity and be sure that data cannot be falsified. Due to the fact that the system is decentralized, its participants (consumers, producers of raw materials and products, traders and so on) act on equal and transparent terms,” said DTEK Chief Innovation Officer Emanuele Volpe. He added that this is an excellent opportunity to show that DTEK partners not only with large corporations, but also with small teams that generate and implement breakthrough ideas in the international arena.

According to Emanuele Volpe, the partnership with 482.solutions will help DTEK to track innovative technological trends and be pioneers in the implementation of Blockchain technology in the energy sector of Ukraine.

“Our cooperation with DTEK is an important step for the development of sustainable technologies in Ukraine. Together we will be able to implement ambitious projects that comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles, which both companies adhere to,” commented 482.solutions Chief Financial Officer Ivan Balashov.

DTEK Group is the leader in Ukraine’s energy sector and the industry’s biggest private investor.

482.solutions is a software engineering provider specializing in innovative solutions using decentralized technologies. The key competency of 482.solutions is creating solutions for ‘Industry 4.0’ issues: Blockchain, Digital Identity, Decentralized Asset Management, Financial Products and Services. The company’s offices are located in Ukraine and Singapore.

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